The Ultimate Bait Boat Comparison Guide!

The chart below compares a variety of the most popular and best-selling bait boats available and the analysis and reviews that follow after it will help you come to a decision about which is the best bait boat for you.

Bait BoatsBatteryRangeHopperPowerPrice
Viper Icon 41kgJets£459
Viper MK340 minutes600m2.5kgJets£650
Viper Storm XComing soonComing soonComing soonJetsComing soon
Viper Legacy90 minutes2kgJets£575
Viper Legacy XT90 minutes2kgJets£699
Waverunner Shuttle1.5 hours400m1.5kgPropellors£414
Waverunner Atom2.5 hours500m1.5kgPropellors£509
Waverunner MK32.5 hours1000m5kgPropellors£664
Angling Technics ProCat MK1Jets
Angling Technics Procat MK21.5 hours200m0.75kgPropellors£495
Angling Technics Technicat MK21.5 hours400m3kgJets£644
Angling Technics Microcat MK360 minutes600M4kgJets£795
Angling Technics Standard Bait Boat45 minutes400m4kgJets£559
Mini Lakestar Bait Boat2 hours400m1kg£499
Lakestar Pocket Rocket1.5 hours1kg£460
Lakestar Bait Boataskedasked5kgasked£699
TFG Patriot20 minutes300m1kgPropellors£219

While it is true that we will all have our own personal preferences on what makes a good bait boat, but if you take the sport or hobby of angling very seriously you will want not just any bait boat, but the very best bait boat you can get your hands on and with that in mind we are here to help.

Included in the chart are the following 6 columns

  • Bait Boats Brand Name Model and Picture
  • Battery life – The type of battery and how much running time you get on a new set/fully charged
  • Range – in metres
  • Hopper Size – How much bait the bait boat can carry in Kg
  • Jets Or Propellers – Whether the propulsion system used by the bait boat is jet pumps or propellers
  • Price

Just click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier.