Anatec Catamaran Bait Boat

The Anatec Catamaran has been designed in Europe to give anglers of all experience levels a boat that will efficiently and precisely carry and deposit bait, as well as fishing line at long distances.  The fact that it has been designed as a catamaran rather than a different type of boat means that the Anatec stays well balanced on the water and therefore very easy to use.

Product Features

  • Graupner MX-16 Digital 7 Channel 2.4 Ghz Radio Control
  • Extremely long wireless operational range of up to 4000 metres, a longer range than any other bait boat on the market
  • Raised line clip so that you can clip your rig or line to the rear of the boat, and drop separately from the hopper
  • Controlled hopper speed drop, allowing you to spread your bait across a larger area by slowly opening and closing each hopper separately
  • Lid keeps the boat completely waterproof and can be removed within 20 seconds for easy cleaning and maintenance of boat
  • Comes with tubes of greasing and lube to keep your motors running quietly and smoothly
  • Extra 10 minutes of back up battery time via switch on radio handset
  • 2 hours running time when using standard batteries
  • Maximum speed produced by the 2 independent electric motors is 5 km/h, which is easily controlled from the radio handset
  • Sturdy and long-lasting weed guards
  • Super bright LEDs on front of boat, controlled by switch on radio handset
  • Super bright LEDs on rear of boat, controlled by switch on radio handset
  • LED battery indicator on the boat
  • 2 years warranty on handset and most of boat parts

This Anatec Catamaran bait boat has so many features to get excited about.  As well as having 2 large bait hoppers that can be controlled separately, you can also attach your fishing line to the boat and then drop that separately from the hopper, giving you full control over your angling experience.  Probably the most impressive feature of this bait boat however is the operational range that it offers you.  You can use it up to 4000 metres away, which easily makes it the bait boat with the largest range on the market.  This is very important when you are fishing along popular waterways and lakes were there may be many other people angling at the same time.  It will give you the edge over the competition by enabling you to get to the harder to reach areas of the water that the other anglers can’t!

As well as the standard 2 hours running time you get there is also a back-up system which allows you to have an extra 10 minutes on the water before having to bring the boat back to shore.  This is easily turned on by using the special switch on the radio transmitter.  As is becoming standard on many of the best bait boats on the market today, there are super bright LEDs at both the rear and front of the boat which allow you to use it in murky, bad weather, late at night and early in the morning.


If you are looking for a very precise and efficient bait boat then the Anatec Catamaran is one that you should consider.  It is one of the fastest boats on the market and has the longer operational range than any of the competition out there.  Factor in the catamaran shape which allows it to remain steady and balanced on even the choppiest of conditions and you have a boat that will never let you down and will always give you the best chance of getting that great catch that you are after.  Easy to use for even the most rookies of anglers and jam packed full of features and functions for the more experience fishermen and women, the Anatec Catamaran has it all.


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