Angling Technics Microcat MK3

angling technics microkat mk3

Ever since the fishing aid manufacturer Angling Technics released the Microcat bait boat, there have already been 3 versions.  Over the course of the years the Microcat has gone from being a bait boat that had to be primed (MK1), self-priming (MK2) and then finally no priming needed at all (MK3) While priming is not a particular hard thing to do, the fact that you do not need to prime a bait boat means you can get it on the water and start your fishing session more quickly.

Product Features

  • Digital 4 channel 2.4 GHz radio handset system which means there is less interference with other boats on the same area of water
  • 4 sealed, ultrasonic no maintenance required jet pumps which are efficient, quiet and very fast
  • The Microcat is great for all types of bait, particularly particles
  • 2 hoppers which can be opened simultaneously or individually
  • Special microprocessor that controls the variable speeds in both forward and reverse motion, it spins round on its own access for full 360 degrees turning
  • 6 very strong and bright L.E.D.s in various colours that includes green, red, white and blue.  All of which are visible at any time of the day
  • Handset controls for the L.E.D. lights
  • Catamaran hull designed using 3D Computer Aided Design software that is both stable and hydro dynamically efficient
  • Running time of 45 minutes on standard batteries and 70 minutes using HD batteries

With the Angling Technics Microcat MK3 you can cruise across the water to specific parts where you want to drop bait swiftly and with very little noise at all.  As well as having the most up to date digital 4 channel 2.4 Ghz handset and 4 jet pump, this is a very modern sort of bait boat.  The fact that this bait boat has not one, but two hoppers that can be operated separately from one another meaning that you can accurately drop bait at numerous spots to increase your chances of landing a decent catch.  Angling Technics do not seem to have left much out of this catamaran style bait boat as there are even 6 very strong L.E.D.s that ensure that even if you are fishing very late at night or in the early hours of the morning when it’s dark, you will still be able to control your boat without damaging it or losing sight of it.

As with any of the Angling Technics family of bait boats, the Angling Technics Microcat MK3 is very easy to control.  The left joy stick on the handset is used to control one or both of the hoppers as well as the lights, and the right joy stick is what controls the movement of the boat.

When you purchase the Angling Technics Microcat MK3 there are a number of extras that you may find helpful including:

  • A padded protective boat bag
  • Heavy Duty (HD) Batteries that last longer are more robust and give more run time
  • A digital battery power indication meter
  • Waterproof radio handset pouch
  • Protective bag for the battery
  • Mains powered fast charger


Overall, when you assess everything about this particular bait boat, there are not many negative points that could be made about it.  Although it is definitely one of the smaller models on the market, this really works to its advantage.  The Angling Technics Microcat MK3 bait boat is very well designed, so that what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in features, speed and control.

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