Angling Technics ProCat MK1

The British bait boat manufacturer Angling Technics has been developing and releasing cutting edge and reliable bait boats and fishing aids for a long time now and as you look at the progression of these boats, you see nothing but a steady progression in terms of design and effectiveness.  That latest ProCat bait boat released by the company is a case in point; the series of boats has come a long way from its beginnings as the Angling Technics ProCat MK1 bait boat.  Taking a look back however, you can see what they intended for this boat.

Product Features:

  • High quality 2 channel radio system enhanced by microprocessor
  • Lighting controls on the remote handset
  • Very low posture at 135mm makes it much smaller than other bait boats, less conspicuous.
  • Hopper bait capacity of 0.7 Kg
  • Catamaran design made from strong acrylic capped ABS to provide stability on the water
  • Built in cutting edge battery power indicating meter

The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ should be remembered when you first set your eyes on the Angling Technics ProCat MK1.  At a first glance you may be tricked into thinking that because it is such a small looking boat that it is in no way shape or form going to be any good as a fishing aid.  If you did think that, you would be wrong.  Although it is quite small and petite, this not only gives it a more nimble feel on the water, but still manages to carry a lot of cutting edge boating technology.


Take for instance its design – a catamaran style boat made from light, but tough AB capped acrylic material.  It has been manufactured using a CAD system to give a very professional and precise finish to the boat.  Then there’s the 2 channel radio which uses a microprocessor to improve and enhance the performance and signal strength.  Combine all this with the powerful and reliable drives that push this boat through the water.  No propellers mean no priming and less chance of getting tangled in weeds and other debris in the water.


If you are looking for a bigger bait boat, then the Angling Technics ProCat MK1 is probably not the right fishing aid for you.  However, if you are looking for an intelligently designed and sturdy, but light bait boat then it is worth considering this particular model.