Angling Technics Standard Bait Boat

The bait boat manufacturer Angling Technics have been in operation since 1992 and have subsequently released many different models and upgrades of existing models of bait boats.  Although the all singing, all dancing models are great for the expert and seasoned professionals, there are many anglers who are just starting to use bait boats and who wish for something a little less complicated and straight forward to use.  The Angling Technics Standard Bait Boat is one of those types of products.  It is not particularly glamorous to look at and the features it has are not going to win any prizes for looks or first in class awards, but there one thing in particularly that this bait boat is and that is reliable.

Product Features

  • 2.7 GHz 2 channel AM radio system, enhanced by a microprocessor
  • 3 sealed, ultrasonic up rated jet pumps that require no maintenance, no priming and are quiet running, efficient and very fast
  • 2 long hoppers that can be used independently of one another and can be used with a particle curtain when necessary
  • Forward movement and reverse
  • 3 different coloured bright and intense L.E.D.s to help navigating in poor visibility (They are green, red and orange)
  • The combined bait capacity of both hoppers is a very good 4 Kg
  • 45 minutes of running time

Sometimes it is good to have a bait boat with all the latest tricks, gadgets and features.  However, sometimes it is good just to have a bait boat that will get the job done.  Although it may sound like a negative way to describe it, the Angling Technics Standard bait boat is standard by name standard by nature.  What this means is it is a standard bait boat that has been developed to a very high standard.  The 2.7 AM radio system is perhaps not as powerful as some of the digital models available at the moment, but the signal has been enhanced to get the maximum strength and range using a microprocessor.  The 3 jet pumps make it an excellent choice if you are the type of angler who feels that the less noise a bait boat makes, the better.  It is ideal for surprising target fish before they are even aware of the bait boats presence.

Many people would see the movement that is possible with the Angling Technics Standard bait boat as restrictive.  However, some others would find that it gives enough control to do the job that it was intended to do.  After all, when it comes to purchasing and using a bait boat, it really is down to personal taste and requirements.  The fact that it has two separate hoppers that can be used together or individually means that you can use slightly different types of bait if you are targeting to different types of fish or trying to increase your chances of landing a nice catch.


As mentioned above, the Angling Technics Standard bait boat may not have all the latest technology, but in the right hands this is a formidable fishing aid.  It is a good choice if you are a beginner to fishing in general or using bait boats as part of your angling hobby.