Angling Technics Technicat MK2

Ever since the company started producing bait boats in the early 90’s, Angling Technics has made a real name for itself within the fishing aid industry.  The latest in its ever expanding bait boat family is the Angling Technics Technicat MK2 bait boat.  Some experts and anglers have stated that this is perhaps the best bait boat that the British company has ever built.  Although a propeller driven boat, it still has a lot that sets it apart from the growing number of different bait boat models available.

Product Features:

  • 2.4 GHz FM radio system that does not require a boat aerial and avoids any interference caused by other boats being operated on the same stretch of water
  • A very long hopper which is best suited to both dead and live bait
  • Hopper capacity 3 Kg
  • Propeller driven which gives it a better running time than many of the non-propeller pump driven bait boats
  • It has a continuous running time of 90 minutes, even at full speed
  • Can have an Echo Sounder connected to it to give you an even better chance of landing a good catch

There are many things to love about this Angling Technics Technicat MK2 bait boat, not least of all the fact that it has a very unique hopper loading system to the back of the boat.  This makes the task of loading and clearing live and dead bait from the hopper a much easier task with much less hassle.  Add to that positive the fact that it, like the majority of modern bait boats is controlled using a 2.4 GHz digital FM system, there is no need for an aerial on top of the boat and it means that there is next to no chance of other boats being used in the vicinity interfering with the signal of the Technicat MK2.  Although a large percentage of current bait boats have stopped using propeller propulsion systems, the Technicat uses this style to its advantage.

Propellers need to be primed before use and can, on occasion, get tangled in debris or weeds; however, the propeller system used in the Technicat MK2 is much quicker than many of the best bait boats that use jet pumps.  It is the perfect bait boat if you do not find priming propellers a hassle and are looking for a boat with a bait capacity of around 3 Kg.

When you purchase this Angling Technics Technicat MK2 bait boat you can also purchase the following accessories:

  • Deluxe and robust padded bag
  • 13 Watts solar panel
  • Extra HD or Heavy Duty batteries
  • Digital battery power tester


It may not have the latest in pump technology, but the Angling Technics Technicat MK2 remains one of the best fishing aids released by the British company.  It is aimed directly at the anglers who do not find priming to be much of a hassle and for those looking for a more efficient way to dispense and load bait, with the interesting placed hopper at the back of the boat.  It looks good, runs smoothly and is everything the seasoned pro could ask for from a bait boat.