Lakestar Bait Boat

While a lot of anglers are looking for a fish aid or bait boat that will perform well in a way that is very specific to their style of fishing or the type of water they are fishing on, there are others who prefer an all-rounder style of boat.  That is where the Lakestar bait boat comes into the picture.  It may not actually look like a very strong and efficient model, until you actually get it onto the water and see why so many people turn to Lakestar for their aids and accessories.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced radio handset with built in LCD echo sounder
  • Remote handset hopper controls
  • Remote handset light controls
  • An on/off switch rather button means that less water drips down to its interior, which in the past may effect a bait boats circuitry
  • 2 light settings, control over the lights outside the boat and ones that light just the hoppers
  • Propellers instead of drives or pumps that use less power and make the boat a little faster compared to the competition

The Lakestar bait boat is very different to many modern bait boats and some people may see this as a step back rather than progression.  However, nothing has been left to chance or done lightly in the design and manufacture of this great all-rounder of a fishing aid.  It may only rely on the power from one 12 v battery, but the advantage is that this particular model is much lighter than many others on the market today.  Then there’s the propellers, which many boat manufacturers have stopped using as they can become tangled easily and require priming before being let loose on the water.  The reason for choosing propellers over jet pumps though is that they rely on less power to make them go fast, which increases the amount of running time you get from the boat.

If you are concerned about the propellers becoming tangled in debris such as weeds, then you don’t need to be concerned.  The Lakestar bait boat handset has a built graphic display echo sounder, which gives a very accurate picture of what is happening under water.  This means that you can easily keep an eye on the screen and look out for debris and manoeuvre round it.

The hopper design may be quite standard for nowadays, even the fact that it has two hoppers rather than just one.  However, the ingenuity of these hoppers comes in the form of the lighting setup.  There are two lights on the outside of the boat which are used for navigational purposes and so you can see where you are going in poor visibility, the early hours of the morning or late at night.  There is then another set of lights which light up the hoppers.  This is clever because it allows you to see much easier and clearer whether or not your hoppers have bait left inside them or not.  It is a much more effective way of keeping track of how much bait you have on board than little flashing lights round the boat.

One of the most important things about this boat, like any other bait boat, is easy it is to control.  The Lakestar bait boat is actually very easy to control and is very responsive.  This means that you can still keep firm control over your boat, even in rough weather and that you can manoeuvre it swiftly and smoothly out of any trouble that comes its way.


The Lakestar bait boat may not be as big, fast or even have as many gadgets and gizmos on board as other bait boats on the market.  However, the technology and extras that do feature on this boat have all been very thoughtfully considered to create a very good, all-rounder bait boat.  Therefore, if you are not interested in having the biggest, fastest and most up to date design and technology, but just need a reliable fishing aid, you should seriously consider the Lakestar bait boat.