Lakestar Pocket Rocket Bait Boat

If you have ever owned, used or seen Lakestar bait boats in action; you will know how well they handle changes in weather, manoeuvring through and round debris-filled water and placing bait accurately to improve your chances of securing great sized catches.  One of their most recent releases, the Lakestar Pocket Rocket bait boat is as the name suggests, a smaller brother to the standard Lakestar boat, which wasn’t very big in the first place!

Product Features:

  • Small, slick and compact design for much quicker and more precise movement over the water
  • Navigational L.E.D. lights on the boat
  • Remote handset controls the lights
  • Runs on 4 AA batters which will give you around 300 hours of run time

The Lakestar Pocket Rocket bait boat has been designed with the angler who travels light in mind.  It is such a slight and insignificant looking fishing aid that you may question how useful it would be in helping you secure those large catches.  However, looks can always be deceiving and despite its small size and the fact it runs on normal AA batteries, the Pocket Rocket relies on a lot of the same ingenuity in design and production that went into its bigger, older predecessor – the original Lakestar bait boat.

The special features of the Lakestar bait boat may be few and far between, but it is not supposed to be an all-singing, all-dancing model.  It is meant to be a reliable, very simple but effective fishing aid for people who want to travel as lightly as possible.

Using it is as easy as the original Lakestar bait boat and even though there is no echo sounder, it is small enough and nimble enough to not get caught in too much debris anyway.


If you are the type of angler who doesn’t like being weighed down by your fishing gear, then this Lakestar bait boat could be the one for you.