Mini Lakestar Bait Boat

It seems that with every new release, a bait boat manufacturer either releases progressively bigger models or progressively smaller models.  With Lakestar bait boats and their latest release – the nifty, Mini Lakestar bait boat – they are building smaller and lighter boats.  In the short time it has been available, this particular Lakestar model has become a firm favourite with anglers and it is not hard to understand when you consider what you get for the reasonable price for which this is sold.

Product Features:

  • Boat and sonar range of up to 400 metres
  • Sonar depth reading as far as 30 feet down
  • Remote handset features LCD display for handset and boat battery power indication
  • Navigational L.E.D. lights on boat
  • Spotlight L.E.D. on front of boat
  • 2 hours running time
  • 2 Hoppers with 0.5 Kg capacity for each

When placed next to its big brother or any of the competition, the Mini Lakestar bait boat sure doesn’t look like very much to write home about.  However, just as in life you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or something by its appearances; the same rule applies to bait boats and other fishing aids.  One advantage this bait boat has over bigger, bulkier and more muscular models is the addition of sonar.

The sonar technology is useful in two ways – it helps you pinpoint more precisely where to drop bait to secure those big catches, and helps you avoid any debris or weeds under the water that could get tangled in your boat and cause major problems for your fishing session.  For such a small and slight boat, the Mini Lakestar only ways 10 lbs, that is a nice addition to have and one that many bigger models do not.

There is also a helpful and rather practical LCD display which shows the battery life of the remote handset’s batteries and the boat’s batteries, which mean you don’t have to look out for the little flashing L.E.D. lights that you get on most other bait boats.  The fact that it still has two hoppers, that each can carry around 0.5 Kg of bait, is very impressive considering its size.


If you like muscular and bulky bait boats look somewhere else.  However, if you are new to using bait boats, prefer smaller models or already have bigger models but need a smaller one for specific waterways, then the Mini Lakestar bait boat is worth a closer look.

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