Viper Icon 4

Released in February 2013, the Viper Icon 4 bait boat is the latest in a long line of high quality and best selling fishing products produced by the British owned and British based company Viper Bait Boats.  This has become a firm favourite with carp fishing enthusiasts, both experienced and new, since it was launched and as you will see it has all you could ask from a boat of its price.

Product Features

  •  2.4 GHz Digital Radio Gear
  • Solid and robust steel handle
  • New and strengthened battery plugs
  • Very bright L.E.D. light on the front of the boat, mounted on top of the battery compartment
  • 2 blue coloured L.E.D. lights at the back of the boat
  • Wider hull/hopper which gives the boat much more stability on larger stretches of water and when carrying the full amount of bait
  • Brand new Legacy ESC wiring system
  • Brand new Legacy door mechanism system
  • Twin jet pumping system
  • 1 Kg capacity hopper

Although it is very similar in style, function and design to the previous incarnations of the Viper Icon bait boat, the Icon 4 differs in that it uses radio gear with a digital signal.  This stops interference being caused when other people are fishing using their own bait boats in the same stretch of water as you.  The boat has also been altered in size to make it much wider, particularly the hopper which means that the boat floats and moves with more stability on the water.

The Viper Icon 4 has the manoeuvrability and handling you would expect from a high end, brand name bait boat and can spin round a full 360 degrees.  In addition to the improvements on the radio and size, the Icon 4 also features the cutting edge pump system rather than propellers which means the boat moves well through weeds and also means that unlike many of the alternatives to the Viper Icon 4 available at the moment; it doesn’t need to be primed before use.

When you purchase the Viper Icon 4 bait boat you also get:

  • 12 volt heavy duty bait boat rechargeable battery
  • – Battery charger
  • – Instructional manual
  • – 12 months’ manufacturer’s warranty

Additional items you can purchase for use with the Viper Icon 4 boat includes:

  • A light for the Hopper
  • A 100mm L.E.D. Bait Drop Indicator
  • A choic5-Watt Solar Panel £29.99
  • A 10 Watt Solar Panel
  • A 13 Watt Solar Panel System for Briefcase
  • A Padded boat bag


If you want that competitive edge when you are out fishing, a bait boat could give it to you.  Obviously, whether you choose a particular boat will depend on a number of factors, such as budget and where you will be using it.  If for instance you are looking for a much cheaper option than many of the bait boats available, then the Viper Icon 4 which is both reliable and great value for money may be the right one for you.

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