Viper Legacy Bait Boat

viper legacy

Viper Bait Boats designed and produced the Viper Legacy bait boat as an appropriate bridge between the small and compact Icon MK3 boat and the formidable and large X-Range boat.  Viper has long been a brand to trust and as we will see this boat is idea for those people who want to add a bit of oomph into their fishing strategy.

Product Features

  •  Small sized L.E.D. spotlight on the front of the boat
  • Red and green L.E.D. lights on the sides of the boat
  • Blue L.E.D. lights on the back of the boat
  • Two jet pump system instead of propellers for better handling and stability
  • 2.4 GHz handset
  • Door release switch on the radio handset
  • Large X-Range style hopper that can carry more bait than other, smaller models
  • 2 Kg capacity bait compartment on the hopper

If you have used Viper bait boats before, or have been interested in them, you may have felt that the Viper Icon MK3 although brilliantly designed to be nimble, was let down by the fact it could not carry as much bait as the larger models.  On the other hand you may have looked at a model like the X-Range and felt that although it did have the extra large bait capacity; it was not as smooth or easy to manoeuvre over the water.  It is for these reasons that Viper decided to essentially take the back half of the X-Range boat for the extra capacity that it offers, and the front of the Icon MK3 to produce a boat that offers fishing enthusiasts the best of both words.

As it has become standard with the majority of recent releases by Viper, the Legacy bait boat features a pumping system that comprises of 2 powerful jets that move the boat along, eliminating the need for propellers or having to prime them before use.   This also makes it much better for moving past and through loose debris and weeds on the water.

When you purchase the Viper Legacy bait boat you also get

  • Standard Bag
  •  2.4 GHz handset
  • 12volt 9 amp rechargeable battery
  • 12 volt battery charger
  • 12 volt outlet power socket for accessories (Such as Fish Finders and External Battery Meters)
  • Instruction manual


When looking at the various options available to your budget and for your needs, the Viper Legacy bait boat is one that gives you the bait capacity of a larger model of boat with all the control, manoeuvrability of a much smaller model.  If you want to be able to drop large amounts of bait, without losing control easily, while carrying a full load or through stronger waters, it is worth considering the Viper Legacy.