Viper Legacy XT Bait Boat

The Viper Legacy XT bait boat is an updated version of the Legacy model.  Viper Bait Boats created ad released the Legacy to fill the product gap between the compact and easy to control Icon boat and the bulky X-Range, which although carried more bait, was difficult to manoeuvre at times.  If you know about bait boats, you will know the name Viper, and if you don’t, you should as they have been an industry leader for a long time and have a good reputation for producing practical and sturdy bait boats for all fishing scenarios.

Product Features

  • Twin jet pump system that doesn’t need to be primed and helps manoeuvre the boat through weeds and debris better
  • Precise bait placement and rotational movement through 360 degrees
  • Adjustable filters
  • L.E.D. lights that feature a very bright and clear 10mm spotlight
  • A door release indication system that tells you when bait has been dropped
  • 12 volts power socket for accessories, such as a battery meter
  • Light control on remote handset
  • Easy and fast battery change system that saves time as the weight of the battery is what seals the battery compartment shut
  • Central hopper which allows for the Legacy XT to have a bait capacity of 2kg

This boat is designed and suitable for people who felt the Icon MK3 was too small, but felt that the X-Range was too cumbersome and lacked the sophisticated and smooth control of the smaller Icon.  The Legacy XT (much like the earlier model the Legacy) is basically the front of the Icon with the back and hopper of the X-Range.  This means that it has all the stability and control of the Icon, but with a much larger bait holder.

One of the other most important things about this boat’s design, like most of the other releases from Viper in recent years, is that it is pushed across the water by a twin jet pump system.  This means that you no longer have to prime the propellers and it also means that the boat is less likely to become trapped by debris on and in the water, such as weeds.

When you purchase the Viper Legacy XT bait boat you also get:

  • Standard issue bait boat bag
  • The 2.4 GHz remote handset
  • 12 volt 9 amp rechargeable battery
  • 12 volts battery charger
  • User manual


If you have a particular budget set aside for your new bait boat purchase, it is likelhy that you have a good idea what you want to buy.  The best thing to do would be to look at a range of different boats and find the one that best matches your budget, circumstances and requirements.  Be sure to include the Legacy XT as one of the boats you consider buying, otherwise you may regret not having a closer look.  This model is further proof that the British bait boat company Viper can do know wrong.