Viper MK3

Viper Bait Boats are known for their high quality and practical releases and the Viper MK3 bait boat is no exception.  Looks can often be very deceptive and this is true of the MK3, which is rather large, has been built to move smoothly and with great accuracy and control

Product Features

  • Extra Large 2.5 Kg hopper
  • Bait cover to fend off greedy swans and rainwater from ruining your bait
  • 2 jet pump system, which eliminates the problems associated with propellers with priming and the boat getting caught in weeds or other debris
  • Navigational L.E.D. lights
  • Fuataba handset
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charger
  • 5 Watt solar panel
  • Battery meter

As with most Viper bait boats one of the most enduringly popular features is the 2 jet pump system that replaces the need for propellers.  As well as being a more efficient way to power the boat, it also avoids the problems associated with propellers such as getting tangled in weeds and other debris found on the surface or just below the surface of the water.

In addition to the manoeuvrability offered by the jet pump system, the Viper MK3’s extra large 2.5 kg bait hopper ensures that all keen carp anglers can continue to fish a large area for a much longer time before having to refill.  This is a great feature as it means the time you

The Viper MK3 is a very nimble bait boat despite its large size. It can reach those hard to reach places that other bait boats cannot reach anymore. It has a 2.5kg bait capacity and the Viper MK3 can last longer when compared to those with smaller hoppers which can be a great benefit if you want to save time.

The Mk3 bait boat also comes with a cover that keeps your bait dry and free from prying swans which can be a pain believe me. There have been various times that the Swans have eaten all of the bait from my bait boat before it’s got to where I want to drop the bait.

If you purchase the Viper MK3 bait boat you will also get:

  • Hopper cover


In conclusion, the Viper MK3 bait boat might be the boat for you for a number of reasons.  If you are looking for a bait boat that is perhaps a step up a size or two from the one you are currently using, but still want the control and manoeuvrability associated with Viper.

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