Viper Storm X

The Viper Storm X is a forthcoming release from the highly favoured; British owned and based company, Viper Bait Boats.  Anyone who is familiar with Viper bait boats may recognise where they took inspiration for the design of the Storm X, as it is a composite of two previous models released by the company.

Speculative/Rumoured Product Features

At the time of writing this, a completely finished Viper Storm X bait boat had not been released, so the following can be considered as a guide only.  As soon as it is possible, we will update the features and this review to give a more accurate description of this boat.

  • 2.4 GHz digital radio remote system which avoids interference from other boats
  • Extremely bright 10mm L.E.D. light at the front of the boat
  • Powerful 5mm L.E.D. lights along the sides of the boat
  • Powerful 5mm L.E.D. lights on the back of the boat
  • A long hopper which could be ideal for much longer bait rigs
  • Powered by 2 x 12 volts batteries which increases the running time
  • Light on/off switch on the remote handset
  • Door drop indicator red/blue L.E.D. light at back of boat

All self-respecting carp anglers will be particularly interested in the release of this Viper Storm X bait boat, due to its interesting design.  It is essentially a hybrid of the X-Range bait boat and the Storm 2 bait boat.  It features the much longer and therefore, larger capacity hopper found on the X-Range and couples that with the stability and robustness of the Storm 2.  With the addition of the more powerful rechargeable battery, it means that this boat can be used for longer on larger stretches of water, without losing control and making several drops of bait with pinpoint accuracy.


If you take fishing very seriously and want to catch large amounts of fish on one outing, you need a bait boat that can carry a lot of bait.  You also need a bait boat that will be handle weeds and debris on the surface and just below the surface of the water.  You also need a boat that can run for a reasonable amount of time to optimise your chances of landing a good catch.  With all of these considerations in mind, the Viper Storm X bait boat could be the right boat for you.