Waverunner Atom Bait Boat

If you are a UK based angler then the Waverunner Atom bait boat might be the right boat for you.  Waverunner has spent a considerable amount of time and gone to a lot of effort to make the perfect bait boat for anglers who are specifically fishing within the UK.  The finished product is a versatile and ultra-compact bait boat which carries less bait than its big brother, but has many of the same specialised features found on the that boat, the Waverunner MK3.

Product Features

  • For improved buoyancy and amazing stability it has a computer aided design built catamaran style ABS hull, which is efficiently hydro-dynamic.
  • Both the underwater and upper deck of the Atom have been fixed using stainless steel bolts, which means it is much easier to maintain than other bait boats
  • It has full waterproofing thanks to the silicon gasket used between the underwater section and the upper deck
  • A 40 MHz 4 channel FM radio handset system which eliminates almost all interference from other boats in the water and gives you superb range
  • A range of more or less than 500 metres depending on the surrounding environment and the weather condition
  • Variable speed controlled by a microprocessor which allows you to control the speed and steering more carefully
  • A fully patented hopper for the bait, which means the hopper fits more securely and will work with even the smallest particles of bait
  • A fully patented rig or hook release system at the back that enables you to take your bait to the exact spots you want them to be dropped
  • 2 high quality propellers and motors that gives strong propulsion from moving the boat but also increases the battery life time
  • An off and on button switch for the waterproof rocker
  • 2 very strong white L.E.D.s on the front of the boat that increases the average visibility range even during the light of day
  • 2 extremely strong blue navigational L.E.D.s at the back of the boat that increases the average visibility range even during the light of day
  • A blue indicator L.E.D which flashes 6 times to let you know the bait hopper is opening
  • A white indicator L.E.D. which flashes six times to let you know the rig or hook has been released
  • 3 battery meters which indicate with accuracy the time left to use before recharging
  • An on and off switch on the handset to control all the light on the boat
  • A completely water tight and removable battery system which makes changing the battery a much quicker procedure

Waverunner have created a bait boat in the Atom that is versatile and easy enough to move over most waterway conditions, whilst carrying a load of 1.5 Kg of bait.  It is built with a single hopper which works in conjunction with the extremely clever magnetised hook or rig release system.  As mentioned above, the boat is loaded with more L.E.D. lights than most to increase the visibility to a full range of 400m.

When you purchase the Waverunner bait boat you receive the following:

  • 4 channel digital handset radio
  • 12 volts 7.2 amps rechargeable lead-acid batter used in the remote
  • Ni-MH AA 150 mAh 1.2 volts rechargeable battery used in the remote headset
  • AC-DC 12 volts bait boat home charger
  • AC-DC 12 volts handset home charger
  • A spare battery
  • A robust and very practical carry bag
  • A 5 watts solar panel charger, for when you are on the go and nowhere near a plug outlet

You can also purchase for the Waverunner Atom bait boat a Wireless Fish Finder.


It is quite amazing what Waverunner have managed to cram into this boat, which although bigger than most on the market, is still a small boat.  If you are on the lookout for a new model or are just starting out and love the idea of a high visibility, powerful and very easy to steer bait boat, then the Waverunner Atom bait boat is one that you should definitely consider purchasing.

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