Waverunner MK3

The Waverunner MK3 bait boat is a boat that has been in the development and design stages for a few years, as Waverunner have tried to create a product that is viable competition to the others on the market.  The goal was always to build and sell a bait boat that was high performance and featured the same facilities as other boats, but for a much lower and therefore, affordable price!

Product Features

  • Two independent rig holders featuring a fully patented hook style release system
  • Weed guards made from stainless steel
  • 10 extremely and intensely bright L.E.D. lights
  • A battery meter with a tricolour indicator
  • Button on handset that controls the lights
  • Depending on the environment you are using the boat in; it has a range of 500 to 1000
  • A complete running time of 2 hours plus, even if constantly running at maximum speed

Waverunner have worked tirelessly to create what is one of the most cutting edge and best value bait boats available on the market.  The thing that really sets the MK3 apart from Waverunner’s competitors is the patented electromagnetic release system and the two independent hook releases.  These features are designed to improve the accuracy you have when manoeuvring the boat to get it to the best place for dropping the bait and making sure the bait drops where it should drop.

In addition to the above, the bait boat has a superior level of range over many of its competitors and has a much longer run time, which can be as much as 2 hours plus, even if you are running the Waverunner MK3 bait boat at its full speed.  Another important design feature is the bait capacity of the boat, which is a truly amazing 5 kg.

When you purchase the Waverunner MK3 bait boat you will also receive the following absolutely free:

  • A spare rechargeable battery
  • A practical and sturdy carry bag
  • 5 Watts solar panel charger, for when your boat needs recharging or an energy top up and you are nowhere near plug sockets


Waverunner over the last decade have really carved a place in the fishing accessories and bait boat market and after this review I am sure you will know why.  When you are looking for one of the best available at the moment, with all the most cutting edge and advanced technology and design specifications, you could do far worse than purchasing the Waverunner MK3 bait boat.